Rabu, 28 Desember 2016

A Rose

22 Dec 16
she said she want to come to my place, it's alright actually, only small problem,
it's really close to christmass day so there wont be any train ticket left and the flight ticket will be expensive as hell.

So when i am hangout with my friend at richeese factory, one of my friend handed me an inside man number of train company. I texted that man and ask if he can afford me any ticket cos there's no ticket left if i order via andriod app or web ticketing.

He replied, and yes, there's still ticket available, an executive one. Wow, i guess it will cost alot, and i ask how much? and he replied, and yes again it sure cost alot haha.
I proceed it anyway.

it's an overnight trip, and i still got alot of thing to do before she came in here.
At around 8 PM her train depart.
Long night for you my dear.

her train suppoesed to arrive at around 6 AM.
I am already ready to pick her up at around 4 AM, cause she said it will arrive at around 5 AM.

so i wait.

at around 5.30 i alreay at train station when she text me that her trian still in Jogja.

That quite below schedule.

at around 7 AM her train finally arrive, finally.
And in our way home, i handed her my present,

a rose.


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