Kamis, 03 Maret 2016

Smokey Nite - Not so Young and not so Wild

There's always first time with everything.

That day i was so exhausted. My office seems doesn't care with that. And So i looking for an entertainment to freshen up my day.

I ate my dinner alone, like always i usually buy a take away food. Seems lonely? well i don't refuse that. So after finishing my dinner, i texted my friends, and i said that maybe we need to try something new.

So we agree to trying a new kind of smoke. Shisa. Yep, that's an arabian kind of thing.

We went to the city main square, that's the place that sometime in the night the shisa seller sell their thing. What i don't know at that time is that bagudung went too.

Well it might be awkward since that kind of thing is not women kind of thing.

So we try one shisa, i forgot how much back then. I sit between my friends. And Bagudung sit next to one of my friend. My friend taste it first. And said it was not bad. Nad so i try it.

Wooooooah. It's different from regular smoke. The taste is fruit taste. Felt fresh to me. And after i try, bagudung want to try it.

I was thinking. Not the shisa thing of course. But the mouthpiece. Well, shisa is using a barrel that has fire in the bottom and a tube to draw the smoke and a mouthpiece. But nevermind, maybe i just overthinking.

So she try it. And feel it. Her expression is just plain. Well, i don't blame her. Afterall this thing is not women kind of thing. And after she use it she passed it to me.

Wo wo wo.. hold it. Is is just me or... Nah. I use the shisa after she use it.
 It felt different, Obviously.
 And so we use that shisa a certain times. And somehow my friend want to go to the bathroom. So he go to the bathroom. After he left, there's an empty space between me and bagudung. And so we get closer.

We spent half night there, smoking shisa. But it was not just a shisa for me. It's a different feeling for me.
Maybe only for me, the mr. Overthinking


SLO  2016.3.3 10.13AM  still hungry... fasting for 4 days... and i don't get enough sleep. Maybe im haunted. yeah, obviously im haunted. Not only my stomach and my feeling, my head is not in a good shape. Oooh god help me.


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