Kamis, 03 Maret 2016

It's pre started with a book - The thick one


 Well, i can't remember the date but the date on the image shows that, and i'm not pretty sure. The chronological order seems a little bit off to me. But hey, that's an unquestionable proof. So maybe my mind is just starting to falling apart. Maybe. Probably


It's five days after the book came. Like usual, i always finish a thick book less than 3 days. It will get quicker if the book is interesting. The book came before my 2nd/ 3rd trip on Interim Audit. So in order to maintain my focus and to complete my curious i bring the book to my office.

And just like that, an order to lend my book come from some of my friend. So i say that i will lend it only after i complete it.

In the parking lot, i always waste my time smoking there. But this time different, smoking and reading this time. Haha.. some of my senior impressed by how thick the book was.

And then she came. It's funny how i can't concentrate right when she's around. And we talk, just like a stranger talk. I'm not so close that time. And i don't hang around with girl easyly, and so she dominte our conversation.

We talked about alot of thing, but especially is about our office. How our bosses solve the problem and how their judgement seems like only good for him is a never ending topic.

And somehow she said.

"can i borrow that book, that book seem interesting enough to me"
Oh wow, i never expected that request.

She replied.

"what's it all about again?"
And so i tell it passionately. Maybe it the first time i dominate the conversation. Like a children with his new toys, i tell everything about it. Passionately.

The dumbest thing is, i don't remember i answer the first question. Haha.. what a bunch of a kid i am. And of course i'm getting more passionately to finish that book.

Later that day, i finish that book and tell her without hesitant. She replied.

"maybe you can bring that book to my boarding house tonight, you know which room im at right?"
Yes, i can. You stay at room 18 right?

"Yep, come in the early night will you?
Ok. And just like that. That's how i interacted with her. Straight.

Later that night, i went to her boarding house. It's about 7.00PM, and i think that's early enough. When i arrived at her place, i knocked at her door, no answer. Knock again and no answer. I called her and still no response. Maybe she's in the bathroom so she can't answer me i guess. I texted her.

Still no response from her.

Not so lucky do you? my mind mocking me. 
And just in my desperate time whether to go home or waiting for her, my friend that lives next to her saw me. He said that she's going to dinner with her friend.

Nah, Today was not your day bro. My mind mocking me again.
I entrusted my book to my friend. And said that get the book to her as soon as she's back.

So i come home with empty feeling and empty hand of course.

Some day after that, she lend the book to my friend. I'm pretty sure she's not reading it.


Some month after that she admit that that book is not her kind of book. Ouch.


Some years after that she said that.... maybe i'll keep this one to myself.

SLO  2016.3.3 11.10AM  still hungry... still fasting for 4 days... and i don't get enough sleep.This writing is keeping my sanity.


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