Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Genesis, Pilot, Intro

Start everything over! Seperti sebuah program ataupun operating system, segala sesuatunya pun terkadang perlu dimulai dari awal. Kemudian? Start a brand new day, dengan cara baru juga tentunya.
In the post of “Starting over” state, come out first step. Out there the wise man says that the first step is the hardest. And yeah, I can’t deny that. From nothing to become anything need an extra energy, just like the universe itself with the big bang theory. These energy can come out in any way, any shape and anytime of course. Me myself call it as inspiration. From inspiration come an idea and then becoming an action.
With tremendous effect can be achieved from just a little inspiration, high price is a fair cost. How much? I can’t just say with an exact number in any measurement. I remember in my class that I ever heard an opportunity cost theory. Maybe it can describe the right answer on “how much” question. It can be worth an amount of time, chances, or even the real money.
Lately I’m onto monastic music. Yeah that’s right, it’s a classicall music or some people might call it an opera music because it’s sometimes performed in an opera. Nowadays, you will find that kind of music easier in movie. The Lord of the Ring is an great example. It’s classic because there is something similar with classical music, movement if I might give an example.
Monastic music is kind of new for me. Even that I had listen classical music for a long time but I never listening monastic music purposely. It’s need a log time for me just to enjoy monastic music. Time in here is a fair cost for me just to enjoy monastic music. I can said it’s a high price.
Everything has it prices FYI, so that you can buy anything you want. Anything! But with the right currency of course.
It’s sometimes a shame that we can’t afford what we are really wanted. But it doesn’t mean we fail. Once again, what we really need is an exact currency to buy what we are really want.
Is a starting over worth a try? Is a starting brand new day worth to shot? Yes it is. With a fresh start we are free from any premises or assumption. A Fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once had said that “to know well something we must free from any premises” or something like that I presume. With some premises we once believe, later it can affect how we treated the object. What object? Anything, like our goal we wanted so much or even Anyone wanted or not wanted so much .
How we treated something will affect that thing reaction toward us. Is our goal treated just like destination or just a dream will then decide what it will become.
So let just face it without any premises. Still with me? I believe you all will say yes cause it’s just like a piece of cake. But Still don’t believe me? And again I will believe you all will say yes. What I give is just quotation from fictional character, what a joke. Want the real one? Go find your Senior School physic book. I mean it really. There will be a topic about someone successfully develop a new theory that later change the world. His theory is different from the rest. How can it become different? You know the answer. He once said that what he did to waste his unoccupied time is just to rethink any theory without any premises.
g.l. and h.a.n.d. !


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