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Customize Folder Windows

Yet its another tutorial on how to change folder on Windows OS to taste your suite. So why write it? lately i'am creating Windows Icon set on DevianArt. I named it Amadeus icon setAmadeus icon set, derived from latin amare "to love" and deus "good". Love of god. The name came across when i designing the icon while listening Mozart masterpieces.

Ok the easiest way to customize folder totaste your suite is the following way
1. Select folder you want to change its icon
2. Hit ALt + Enter or Simpli right clicking it and Select Properties
3. Select customize tab, Change icon

4. Point to your icon, and voila :).
Advantage: It's a piece of cake :)
Disadvantage: It's work one by one, so you if you have more folder that mean more process.

The Easy way
Easy? yep. Basically it is done using any third party software. You can googling it.
The software i use here is Tune Up Utillities since i know it since 2009 version. Its paid app so i wont give a link, you can search manually :D
Here's the step
1. Open tune up utillities any version you have, mine is 2011.
the window would look like this

2. Select Customize Window tab

note that different version had different Interface but it will look alike and of course it will work too, so dont worry :)

3. Select System element, then choose explorer

4.Scroll down to the bottom, select folder close and click Replace Icon. Browse through your icon.
Do the same for folder open.

5. Hit apply, and reboot just in case it didn't work.

To check if it work or not is simply by creating new folder.

Every new folder will look like "close folder" you choose before.

Advantage: It's mass change, you just need 1 process.
Disadvantage: Homogenic, that is mean bored. And it can't change fully. Every folder created before this process will not display as it is when the view is Medium icon or larger :(
Tip: Use this to change tier 2 folder in your windows Folder
Tier 1 : Every folder created under Partition e.g D:\Music
Tier 2 : Every folder created under tier 1 e.g D:\Music\Classic
and so on.

The Hard way,
it can be done using 2 method.
1. Using Registry Editor
2. Change the imageres.dll
Remember Management or any Economic based Class? It said that High Risk High Return.
just like that quotation, the hard way will create awesome effect. Apparently i have work to do, so i'll write later, maybe, or you can googling it using that keyword.
cheers :)

If you want resource icon you can visit my DA
Here is the sample icon
Amadeus v1.0


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